Our Story

First and foremost, we are a two-generation group of cannabis enthusiasts, providing some of the highest quality distillate possible. Starting in South Central BC, then moving to the West Coast, we have a deep respect for the cannabis plant. Our flower is always premium quality AAA – AAAA+ grade cannabis, grown here in the Fraser Valley, where we craft each extraction with the utmost of respect and integrity for you, the consumer.

Why Legend Extracts?

Our extracts are some of the most pure and potent distillates in the market today. Staying away from any product dilution by adding fillers or bulking agents, Legend Extracts concentrates contain only pure, extracted ingredients and added turpenes. For your safety we never use butane, propylene glycol or any other toxic solvents. Taking pride in all of our products, we ensure each one is tested for quality and potency from an independent lab.

Quality Assurance

Using 3rd party, independing testing for all cannabis extracts, Legend Extracts tests cover:

  • THC & CBD Content/Cannabinoid Analysis
  • Terpene Analysis
  • Moisture Content Test
  • Residual Solvent Analysis

Natural is Better

Legend Extracts uses on organic CO2-based extractions that helps to retain most all plant-based compounds, which allows for strain-specific flavours to be retained. This process also helps to retain cannabinoids that makes it an extremely hight quality oil extract, providing the consumer with the benefits of a full spectrum therapeutic benefits.